Evonik Industries AG

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ISIN codeDE000A185QA5
Industry groupMaterials
Aligned with SDGs

Evonik is the world's largest producer of specialty chemicals. The company is active in four segments:
- Specialty Additives: offers key ingredients that improve the characteristics of coatings and foams to reduce the need for maintenance and limit energy consumption of appliances, buildings and vehicles.
- Nutrition & Care: products that contribute to higher nutritive value of food, enable medicines to be better absorbed by the body and personal care products.
- Smart Materials: solutions that make Industrial companies more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Examples of products include silica (recyclable insulator) and silane (anti-corrosion).

Evonik is the second largest chemicals company in Germany, and one of the largest specialty chemicals companies in the world. The company has a little over 33,000 employees.

Investment rationale

Evonik contributes to the transition to a more sustainable planet and society, and is transitioning itself to become a more sustainable company.

The Nutrition & Care segment supplies specialty chemicals for use in animal nutrition, medicines and personal care products. The key product for animal nutrition is methionine, which is an additive for of animal feed. Methionine enables a substantial reduction in the use of soybeans, which lowers emissions. So, methionine contributes to a more sustainable way of farming. In addition, Evonik's chemicals also contribute to a better absorption of medicines in the body. This contributes to a healthier society. Finally, Evonik's products are used in shampoo, shower gel and cosmetics. Personal care products also contribute to a healthier society but are also more frequently based on bio-based ingredients. So, nearly the entire Nutrition & Care segment contributes to the transition themes Sustainable Food & Agriculture and Prosperous and Healthy People.

The Specialty Additives and Smart Materials segments focus on resource-saving and energy-efficient solutions for a wide range of applications. In these segments, it's more difficult to link Evonik’s products to specific products. Silica, for example, lowers the rolling resistance of tires (reducing fuel consumption) and that cross linkers are used in blades of windmills. Both segments contribute to the Sustainable Mobility & Infrastructure theme.