Adriana Hoeve

Invested through
  • Triodos Groenfonds
  • Triodos Multi Impact Fund
Asset ClassesPrivate debt
Impact strategySustainable Food and Agriculture
Aligned with SDGs

The Adriana farm is located on the estate in Linschoten, the Netherlands. About 100 cows are milked on the farm and 500 fattening pigs and 20 sheep are kept. The farm has 70 hectares of land, of which 10 hectares are nature grounds. During the grazing period, young stock is kept on this natural ground and natural hay is extracted from it. Since 1987, the business has become organic. The company is run by Dirk, Ina and their son Gerben.

The aim of a sustainable herd is to achieve good milk production with healthy animals that are getting old. The ration mainly consists of grass grown on their own land. The housing of the pigs is also aimed at optimal animal welfare. They can walk both indoors and outdoors.