Thriving children are key to a prosperous future. Yet, for the current young generation and the generations that will follow, such a future is not obvious anymore. Climate change, loss of biodiversity, rising inequality in many parts of the world, and the depletion of natural resources threaten their future opportunities and their safety. That is why Triodos Future Generations Fund invests specifically with a view to improving the wellbeing and development of children, now and in the future. The fund invests in companies that contribute to the basic needs of children around the world, as well as to their development and to help them reach their full potential as adults.

5 investment themes

Triodos Future Generations Fund aims to generate positive impact and healthy financial returns by investing in a concentrated portfolio of global listed small and midcap companies active in one of the fund's five impact themes: health and wellbeing, education, equal opportunity, access to basic services, and safety. Actively managed and with a long-term investment horizon, the fund has a high-conviction portfolio with 30-40 companies across sectors, regions, and company sizes. The fund is part of Triodos Investment Management’s Impact Equities & Bonds.

Sjoerd Rozing, Fund Manager of Triodos Future Generations Fund: “Throughout history, we have always wished for our children and grandchildren to fare better than us: to become more prosperous, healthier, and better educated. What we see today is that the future of the current young generation is being put at risk. That’s why Triodos Future Generations Fund invests in global equities that contribute to child prosperity. Now and in the future.”

In support of UNICEF

Triodos IM will donate 0.10% of the fund’s NAV per year to UNICEF to support programmes such as the Building bricks for the future project. This project addresses two major challenges in Côte d’Ivoire, Africa: waste management and education. One solution is transforming the plastic waste into bricks, which are then used to build classrooms. In addition, separate to the fund management, Triodos IM will work together with UNICEF aiming to amplify the voice of children and further their rights within the assets management world, building on UNICEF’s Tool for Investors on Integrating Children’s Rights into ESG Assessment.

Sandra Visscher, Executive Director at UNICEF in Luxembourg: “This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Children’s Rights and Business Principles, outlining the responsibilities of businesses and investors to respect children’s rights. Yet, while children account for nearly one-third of the world’s population, investors’ human rights policies seldom reflect the special considerations businesses need to make to respect children’s rights. We hope that this collaboration will help to put children’s rights more clearly on the investor agenda and encourage integration of children’s rights into ESG decision-making processes across the investor world.”

The Fund Manager

Sjoerd Rozing has been appointed as Fund Manager of Triodos Future Generations Fund. Sjoerd has been working for Triodos IM since 2017, previously as a Senior Investment Analyst, in which role he was responsible for the selection and analysis of the Impact Equities & Bonds portfolio companies.

Details of the fund

Triodos Future Generations Fund is a sub-fund of Triodos SICAV I, an investment fund managed by Triodos Investment Management. Triodos Future Generations Fund is open-ended in structure and is traded on a daily basis, at net asset value. The fund classifies as an undertaking for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS) under the UCITS Directive (Directive 2009/65/EC). Distribution of shares of the fund will start as per 31 March 2022.

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UNICEF has no role in the development, management or operation of the Triodos Future Generations Fund, including the Fund’s investments decisions. UNICEF does not endorse any investment adviser, investment, company or product, and makes no recommendation as to investment in Triodos Future Generations Fund.