‘Triodos Impact Strategies II NV - Triodos Energy Transition Europe Fund’ (Triodos Energy Transition Europe Fund) is temporarily closed for new inflow as of 14 April 2021, 16.00hrs. Subscription orders received by Triodos Energy Transition Europe Fund prior to this cut-off time will still be honored.  

Strong Growth
For several years in a row, Triodos Energy Transition Europe Fund has experienced very strong growth. In 2019, the fund’s asset under management grew by 44.6% and in 2020 by 26.9% to EUR 152.2 million. Given the type of investments that Triodos Energy Transition Europe Fund does, which require a relatively long lead-time, the pace of the inflow is not in line with the time needed to do the investments. As such, the fund’s liquidity position has increased disproportionately over the past years.

Temporarily closed for new inflow
Given the ongoing interest of investors in the fund it is to be expected that in an unchanged situation the liquidity position cannot be lowered quickly enough or will even increase further. To prevent this, the fund will be temporarily closed for new inflow. This means that during this period investors are not able to buy shares in Triodos Energy Transition Europe Fund. Investors that would like to sell their shares in the fund can still do so. At this point in time it is not yet clear when the fund will reopen for new inflow.