Triodos Investment Management has published its 2016 SRI engagement report. The report focusses on Triodos IM’s engagement activities and the difference it made in 2016 through socially responsible investing. 

Rosl Veltmeijer, Head of Triodos Research: “At the heart of our responsible investment (SRI) philosophy is the belief that in the long-term, the most successful companies will be those that achieve the right balance between their social, environmental and financial performance. We also believe that if large multinational companies begin to move in a more sustainable direction, even if only one step at a time, the wider impact will be significant.”

Company engagement is a distinctive part of Triodos IM´s SRI strategy. Triodos Research actively engages with companies on issues regarding social, environmental and corporate governance performance, in order to increase awareness, motivate change and ensure long-term shareholder value. An overview of these activities in 2016 is now available in the SRI Report.

As socially responsible investing is too complex to be captured in a few metrics, the 2016 results are presented in a context of numbers, case studies, and activities and by highlighting the SRI approach: why Triodos IM does what it does and how this is embedded in its investment and engagement processes.

In the online version of the SRI engagement report, you can discover our engagement activities in 2016 by browsing through case studies from different investee companies across the globe. For more detailed information about Triodos IM’s approach to investing on the stock market and its commitment to contribute to further improving the sustainability performance of companies, you can read the full PDF of the SRI Report.