On 30 May over 180 private investors and their advisors attended the launch of Catalyzing Wealth for Change: Guide to Impact Investing by Julia Balandina Jaquier. Triodos Investment Management hosted the launch event at cultural centre De Balie in Amsterdam, which included an interactive session exploring the opportunities and challenges of impact investing.

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A growing number of investors are being drawn toward investments that generate societal impact, as well as financial return. Marilou van Golstein Brouwers, Chair of the Management Board of Triodos Investment Management: 'In light of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris climate agreement, and an overall increasing awareness of the change we need, more and more people are recognizing the catalyzing role of capital. As a result, they are actively looking for investment solutions that positively contribute to the transition to a fairer and more humane society. They basically want to achieve lasting impact through their investments.'

In spite of the growing interest in impact investing, however, many investors find it difficult to develop pragmatic, successful strategies, often not knowing where and how to start. Drawing on the author’s extensive experience in impact investing and the success of her first Guide to Impact Investing, published in 2011, Julia Balandina Jaquier has developed this unique, practice-oriented Guide, with the aim of making impact investment more accessible.

'The aim of this Guide is not to convince all readers that impact investing is the way forward for them, but to enable those who are already interested to become meaningfully engaged and to navigate the complexities of the field with success. The Guide will equip the reader with practically applicable knowledge, effective tools, and many peer examples, helping them to develop and implement a pragmatic and impactful investment strategy,' says Julia Baladina.

The Guide includes a unique collection of 45 case studies of high net worth individuals (HNWIs) from 21 countries, detailing their motivations, strategies, and portfolio details. It also incorporates insights from over 160 private impact investors, shared during in-depth, face-to-face interviews. Catalyzing Wealth for Change is primarily aimed at HNWIs, their family offices (FOs), foundations, and family businesses, as well as their advisers, but it provides relevant insights into impact investing for all professional investors.

Herman Wijffels, Professor of Sustainability and Societal Change at Utrecht University, was offered the first copy of the book and he subsequently shared his vision on conscious use of capital. 'Impact investing is at the leading edge of what will have to become more general practice in the investment community. The era of exclusively aiming at the creation of financial value, even at the expense of people and natural resources, is drawing to a close. The future demands creation of societal value and doing that well generates financial returns', says Professor Wijffels.

The development of the Guide was supported by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), and RVVZ and DOEN foundations. It will reach its target audience primarily through the strategic partners, including selected financial institutions, and networks of wealth holders. Triodos Investment Management is one of these strategic partners.

'The lack of effective educational tools that can build the internal capacity of investors and their advisers is one of the bottlenecks to the development of this industry,' says Marilou van Golstein Brouwers. 'This Guide cannot be more timely – it is very practical, thoughtful, comprehensive, yet accessible, and it can be used by both experienced investors and people new to the field. We are delighted to partner with Julia in making this exceptional Guide available in the Benelux region.' 

About the author
Dr. Julia Balandina Jaquier, CFA, is a seasoned impact investor and an internationally recognized expert in this field, with over 20 years of investment experience. A trusted adviser to some of the largest European families, international banks, and the Swiss and UK Governments, she has helped to develop and implement a broad range of mission-driven investment programs over the last 12 years. Julia is a member of several Boards and Investment Committees, including at SIFEM (Swiss DFI) and Unilever, and is an adjunct professor at St. Gallen University. She is the author of one of the first books on impact investing (2011). Julia started her career in 1993 at McKinsey, and subsequently held senior positions at ABB Financial Services and AIG, where she managed the European direct private equity business.