Selecting the winners of tomorrow

Portfolio Manager Rosl Veltmeijer and Equity Analyst Fabian Meijs explain how we select the winners of tomorrow for our Impact Equities and Bond strategies; companies that are successful in driving the environment AND social change we’re looking for. They share that for us impact investing doesn’t happen on a spreadsheet ...  it happens in the real world. That’s why we engage with real companies, real people, about real topics.

Investing in real people

We invest in organisations like Serbian bank, 3Bank who shares our social and environmental impact commitments. In this short film Fund Manager Tim Crijns and 3Bank's CEO Vladimir Vukotic share how together we are able to create real-world change, in this case providing loans to people unable to access traditional avenues of funding. 3Bank’s green loans allow financially excluded people to make environmental improvements to their homes and businesses by installing solar panels and improving insulation. Partnerships like these showcase the day-to-day impact that financial investments can have, and the wide-reaching benefits of impact investing.

Impact investing is a fiduciary duty

“It’s imperative to act now. Look at the impact of your investments as a fiduciary duty”, urges Hadewych Kuiper, Managing Director at Triodos Investment Management. Climate change, resource scarcity, biodiversity loss, and rising inequality are affecting society and business. Investors should be aware of this, also from a risk mitigation perspective. Impact investing is not ‘niche’. It’s not a nice to have in your investment portfolio. We’re proof that you can have a 100% impact investment portfolio across asset classes, from private debt and equity to listed equities and bonds.

‘Investing for Tomorrow’s Environment’ 

The short films are part of ‘Investing for Tomorrow’s Environment’, a wide-ranging digital series produced in partnership between CFA UK and Content With Purpose (CWP). This campaign explores the fundamental role of investment professionals in unlocking solutions to climate change, driving a low-carbon economy and a prosperous future for all.