Market leader with local presence
Since its foundation in 2009, LIMBUA has grown into one of the market leaders for organic macadamia nuts. The more than 9,000 smallholder farmers who deliver their produce to LIMBUA manage traditional agroforestry farms of one to two acres on the slopes of Mount Kenya, cultivating a mix of macadamia, avocado, mango and coffee trees.

The company has three local factories that process macadamia nuts and other smallholder products such as avocados and mangoes; the factories employ more than 800 people (FTE) of which 50% are women. Being located close to the farmers creates ownership among smallholder communities, reduces transport costs and helps preserve freshness and quality of the raw materials. Its innovative drying system and nut cracking system ensure high-quality nuts with low breakage ratios. LIMBUA aims to further ‘green’ its operations by turning nut shells into biowaste and installing rooftop panels. 

Access to premium markets
LIMBUA has acquired the IFS and BRC Food Security certifications for the factories. The farmers’ base is certified under the standards of organic (EU-organic, NOP-organic and BioSuisse), Fair for life, ROC (organic regenerative certification) and Demeter (biodynamic). These certifications open up access to premium markets where consumers are willing to pay higher prices and promote long-term environmental sustainability, such as soil health and biodiversity conservation.