Plant-based diets

The mission of HARi & CO is to offer a healthy, highly nutritive and sustainable plant-based diet. An increasing number of people are looking for ways to lower their meat consumption; HARi & CO offers consumers a plant-based protein alternative primarily using beans and legumes in their offering of organic patties, balls and nuggets. Its products are 100% organic and 100% plant-based, do not contain soy or additives, and all ingredients are sourced in France.

HARi & CO founders Benoît Plisson and Emmanuel Brehier

Poised for growth

The investment of Triodos Organic Growth Fund and early stage venture capital fund Eutopia will strengthen the further development of HARI & CO in the French market. One of the goals the company has set is to have over 2,000 points of sales in France by the end of 2020.

Co-founder and director Benoît Plisson: “With this new capital, we want to strengthen our team, continue our conquest of supermarkets and start new product development.”

Senior Investment Officer Isabelle Laurencin: “The demand for plant-based food products is increasing, driven by ethical, environmental and health concerns. HARi & CO is well-positioned to address this fast-growing demand and our investment will support this frontrunner in its growth ambition.” 

In December 2020, Triodos Organic Growth Fund was renamed Triodos Food Transition Europe Fund.