Triodos Organic Growth Fund has acquired a minority stake in Swedish company Naty, a market leader in environmentally friendly hygiene products for babies and mothers throughout the world. The investment supports Naty in its independent international growth strategy and strengthens its exemplary role.

Setting new eco frontiers

Naty was founded in 1994 by Marlene Sandberg to offer an alternative for disposable diapers and the enormous waste they produce. She successfully launched a biodegradable and environmentally friendly disposable diaper, followed by lines of complementary baby care products, female care products and eco clothing for babies and children. Today, Naty has grown into a professional FMCG multinational company that offers an ecological alternative in 18 countries on four continents and enjoys a strong authentic brand recognition and popularity amongst eco conscious consumers.

Investing for impact

Riëlla Hollander, Fund Manager Triodos Organic Growth Fund: "Triodos Organic Growth Fund invests in companies that inspire through their environmentally friendly products and production methods in combination with socially responsible business practices and impact. Naty is a perfect fit, as it uses natural and renewable materials in its products whenever possible and continuously strives to improve on sustainability without compromising on performance and quality. In the best way possible, the company truly expands consumer’s choice for products that are great to use and contribute to a better world."

Partnership for a better world


Marlene Sandberg, founder and director of Naty: "We sought to consolidate our shareholder base by attracting an international professional minority investment partner who shares our mission, understands our business and offers a strong network. With its long-term horizon and a value-added and responsible investment approach, Triodos Organic Growth Fund is an entrepreneurial innovator in the private equity investing world and is an ideal partner to support us in our plans."

Naty will continue to expand its presence throughout the world, both online and in stores. Marlene Sandberg: "We also plan on bringing a number of highly innovative eco-friendly product to the market. Our ultimate aim is to develop products from 100% renewable and sustainable raw materials."

Catalyzing the value chain

Besides stimulating organic and eco-friendly consumption, Triodos Organic Growth Fund seeks to catalyze and support the value chain for sustainable consumer products. Riella Hollander: "In the FMCG market, which is dominated by very large and rather conventional multinationals, Naty has a competitive market position. This position is based on a compelling value proposition and partnership distribution & marketing model for retailers that helps them benefit from the increased attention of consumers for health and the environment."

About Triodos Organic Growth Fund

Triodos Organic Growth Fund was launched in January 2014 as a long-term evergreen fund, with the aim to build up a diversified private equity portfolio in leading organic and sustainable consumer goods related businesses across Europe, with a focus on food and beverages, natural textiles and personal care. The fund typically takes a 15-25% minority stake. Naty is the fourth investment for Triodos Organic Growth Fund that also holds interes ts in German company Triaz Group and Danish companies Naturfrisk and Aarstiderne.