Triodos Green Fund has provided a loan to Compana Hondurena de Energia Solar S.A. de CV (hereafter: Cohessa), to build a ground-mounted solar plant on a remote and rugged area in the southeast part of Honduras. The plant has a capacity of 50 MWp to the grid, enough to provide at least 10,000 Honduran households with clean energy and contributes significantly to achieve a less fossil dependent energy sector. For Triodos Groenfonds this is the third investment in emerging markets.
Strong impact

Given the current situation of the Honduran energy sector, the impact of this project will be strong: Cohessa will improve Honduras’ national energy production and make the country less dependent on fossil fuel imports, the extra capacity (4% of the total energy consumption in Honduras) will also likely reduce the price of electricity and it creates new jobs for people who live nearby the project.

Compana Hondurena de Energia Solar

Relationship Manager Marius Groenenberg of Triodos Groenfonds: “With this loan we are able to support this important renewable energy project in Central America. The impact of this project is high and adds significantly to Honduras’ (clean) energy agenda. For Triodos Groenfonds the project will add to building a sound track record in emerging markets and provide diversification across technologies, geographies and partners.”