Triodos SICAV II-Triodos Renewables Europe Fund has again received the LuxFLAG Environment Label. The primary objective of the LuxFLAG Environment Label is to reassure investors that the investment fund actually primarily invests their assets in environment-related sectors in a responsible manner. The eligibility criteria for the Environment Label require eligible funds to have a portfolio of investments in environment-related sectors corresponding to at least 75% of the fund’s total assets.

At the same time, the LuxFLAG Microfinance Label for Triodos SICAV II - Triodos Microfinance Fund has also been renewed. The purpose of the LuxFLAG Microfinance Label is to promote the raising of capital in microfinance by reassuring investors that the MIV really invests in microfinance. The LuxFLAG Microfinance Label is intended for MIVs which have a commercial objective.

The Luxembourg Fund Labelling Agency (LuxFLAG) is an independent, non profit making, association established in Luxembourg in July 2006.  The agency aims to promote the raising of capital for the Responsible Investment sector by awarding a recognisable label to investment funds. The applicant fund may be domiciled in any jurisdiction that is subject to a level of national supervision equivalent to that available in European Union countries.