Triodos Renewables Europe Fund has increased its stake in wind farms Neeltje Jans and Zeeland I. The fund has done so by purchasing part of the shares from DELTA, one of the partners in the joint venture that owns both wind farms. The remainder of DELTA’s share was bought by co-shareholder E-Connection and as result DELTA is no longer active as a partner in the joint venture.

The investment in these wind parks fits the fund’s strategy to expand in existing projects and strengthen existing partnerships.

Wind farm Neeltje Jans, the Netherlands
Wind farm Neeltje Jans is a joint-venture between Triodos Renewables Europe Fund and developer E-Connection. The wind farm became operational in the summer of 2006 and includes four Vestas V90 3.0 MW wind turbines. The turbines are situated at Neeltje Jans, in the Oosterschelde flood barrier (part of the Delta Works), near Veere, The Netherlands.

Wind farm Zeeland I, the Netherlands
Wind farm Zeeland I is a joint-venture between developer E-Connection and Triodos Renewables Europe Fund, and operates 12 turbines on three different locations in the southern part of the Netherlands: wind farm Vlissingen, wind farm Kapelle-Schore and wind farm Jacobahaven. Wind farm Jacobahaven became operational in the summer of 2006 and has three Vestas V90 3.0 MW wind turbines. Wind farm Vlissingen started operations in 1991 and has seven Vestas V29 225 kW wind turbines. Wind farm Kapelle-Schore started production in 1991 and operates two Vestas V27 225 kW wind turbines.