Both financial technology ('fintech') and market volatility are high on the agenda in the inclusive finance sector. Fintech is increasingly leaving its mark through technology trends like increased mobile and internet penetration, cloud services, social media and big data. This brings both threats and opportunities.

And in recent years, there has been an abundance of political and economic uncertainty in emerging markets, which has amongst others led to extreme currency volatility.

These two topics were the core themes at the bi-annual Emerging Markets workshop in De Hallen, Amsterdam on September 23 - 24. Board members and top management from microfinance institutions and banks from Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Caucasus of the Triodos inclusive finance portfolio shared stories, insights, and lessons learned surrounding the above topics through panels, roundtable discussions, and engaging presentations.

In addition, a small group of investors from across Europe in the Triodos Microfinance Fund were invited to join the investee group and learn about the developments in the markets and interact with the investees in am open and educational environment.

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For an overview of our activities in emerging markets, please visit the Emerging Markets investment strategy page.