What are the possible ‘rules of the game’ for accelerating the energy transition in The Netherlands? That is the question energy experts at the Forum for Energy Transition have been considering over the past few months. The forum was developed from a unique collaboration of nine parties: ECN, Eneco, Gasunie, Greenchoice, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam, Pure Energie, Stedin, Triodos Bank, and Uniper. Each party differing greatly in their position and interests, but all of which share the belief that there are clear choices that can be made to help accelerate the energy transition in the Netherlands. With this initiative, the nine parties aim to contribute to the public debate about the challenges within the energy transition and set forth the momentum for creating a set framework.

When looking into how to develop possible ‘rules of the game’, the group shared insights from the different debates about energy and concluded that all of the discussions about this topic are connected to a fundamental decision on the approach: either we need to focus on regulation or focus on burden sharing. Deciding on whether we will focus more on producing fewer CO2 emissions or on energy conservation or on investing in renewable energy is also connected with how to share the costs, whether it be together or individually.

On Tuesday, August 23, the results from the forum were released. These are free to access via the interactive Think Energy Assistance publised on http://www.transitieroutes.nl/  (in Dutch). The results do not present a single solution, but show that there are clear choices to be made when creating rules for the energy transition in the Netherlands. These choices are shown through four different  'transition routes' that each have arguments for and against, but allow policymakers, politicians, and other interested parties to tighten their opinion on how to proceed in the transition. 

To read more (in Dutch), view the press release.