We live in a time of profound change and opportunity. Our interconnected world is straining under the weight of increasingly visible environmental challenges, a growing global population, and widening gaps between the world’s ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’. And this comes with a growing urgency to change how the financial industry looks at investing. There must be a shift in thinking from short- term financial gains to long-term investments, creating real value, adding to a better quality of life. This is our shared responsibility.

What is the link between impact investing and the SDGs?


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a global call to action for positive change. Near the anniversary of the establishment of the SDGs, we looked at how impact investing connects to the SDGs and the urgency behind it.

“It’s about what the whole world must do to ensure we

have a liveable planet and decrease inequality. All the goals are interlinked. What is clear is that we can no longer think and act in silos. Our society and planet simply don’t have enough time…..Read more

Discover the impact of inclusive finance

Our first ever online Impact Report highlights our role as an investor in inclusive finance and presents our 2015 results in a context of numbers, stories and activities.

Discover the impact of inclusive finance

“Stop and think about it for a minute. Isn’t it comforting to know that your savings are safely parked at the bank? That you can apply for a loan or mortgage, knowing that you will pay reasonable interest?  For many this is normal, and few pause to think of what it would be like otherwise. For about 2 billion people – 40% of the world’s adults – it is not….Read more

Connecting retail investors to a more sustainable world

impact investment portfolio

Triodos Multi-Impact Fund is a truly unique fund-of-funds that connects retail investors to inspiring entrepreneurs, projects and initiatives that are active around the globe and across multiple sectors.

“What do organic cocoa farmers in Sierra Leone have in common with solar energy in Honduras or European frontrunners in the sustainable consumer sector, or museums in the Netherlands? They are all instrumental in the transition to a fairer and more sustainable world….Read more

Upholding the Paris Climate Agreement

Paris Climate Agreement

Jacco Minnaar, Director of Energy and Climate, discusses his view on maintaining the momentum following the Paris Climate Agreement.

“Overall, countries that are frontrunners in carrying out the Paris Climate Agreement within the government and supporting the private sector will likely have the largest benefits….Read more

How Naty radically changes the diaper market

european organic sector

In 2016, Triodos Organic Growth Fund invested in Naty, an innovative Swedish company that produces eco-friendly diapers and toiletry products. Marlene Sandberg, Founder and CEO of Naty, speaks about how an idea has turned into a multinational success.

“Today’s leading diapers consist mainly of oil-based plastic materials and super absorbents that are non-renewable and non-compostable. I thought to myself, this is crazy. Surely there must be some kind of solution. Someone needs to do something….Read more

10 years of financing arts and culture


At the tenth anniversary of Triodos Cultuurfonds in November 2016, Fund Manager Eric Holterhues discusses the impact that financing has on the cultural community and the interest from investors.

“The funding of arts and culture has changed over the past years, especially when the government started to cut back on its subsidies. Artists and cultural institutions had to look for additional sources of funding. I think the sector has greatly succeeded in this, in which, I’m proud to say, Triodos Cultuurfonds has been playing an active role….Read more

The multinational ripple effect

conflict minerals

The Triodos Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) funds invest in large listed companies, such as BMW, AkzoNobel and H&M. The contribution of listed companies is indispensable to becoming a more sustainable society.

“The influential role of these companies is imperative to tackling some of society’s biggest challenges. Large companies are influential and are in a position to contribute to positive change….Read more

We want our Triodos Impact Investing blog to continue to be a source of inspiration for investors and investees that are leading the shift.  This compilation of our top seven of 2016 offers you a glimpse of how impact investing has the potential to be the paradigm shift in the investment industry.

- Marilou van Golstein Brouwers, Chair of the Management Board for Triodos Investment Management