Thought-provoking event

The theme of the event centered on the opportunities to improve energy efficiency, increase the overall scale of renewable energy projects, as well as reduce the amount of fossil fuel produced. Whether the presentations covered renewable energy sources, storage systems, or investments, all speakers stressed that we have reached the tipping point in the energy sector.

The primary way to improve the sector is to invest and finance projects that make the energy supply and demand more proficient. To continue to grow, the energy sector seeks investors that prefer a stable investment environment and are willing to commit for the long-term, investing in projects that keep all stakeholders involved.

This was the second in a series of Masterclasses on impact investing. Like the first event in January of this year, the June event was well attended by some 60 representatives from our network with an interest in this dynamic transition.

For an overview of our activities in energy and climate, please visit the Energy and Climate investment strategy page