A sustainable tomorrow

For a transition from a carbon-based economy to a sustainable one, it’s essential to reduce energy demand, to use energy as efficiently as possible, and to invest massively in renewable energy systems, while switching to low carbon fuels.  Small scale applications of innovative technologies and sources of clean energy will be crucial to this, and those involved in this important work will need financial support and expert advice. We see that the wider investment community is now starting to be aware of the potentially attractive financial returns available in this sector. Institutional investors increasingly regard renewable energy capable of delivering solid performance as part of a long term investment strategy.

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The primary way to improve the sector is to invest and finance projects that make the energy supply and demand more proficient, having greater impact on the community at large. To continue to grow, the energy sector seeks investors that prefer a stable investment environment and are willing to commit for the long-term, investing in projects that keep all stakeholders involved and have a broader impact.

For an overview of our activities in energy and climate, please visit the Energy and Climate investment strategy page