Triodos’ Socially Responsible Investment funds invest in companies that rise to the climate change challenge. From those that generate renewable power and develop related technology, to those that deliver smart grid technology and produce energy efficient equipment. They’re all part of a necessary and new energy system – pieces of the puzzle in the solution for a sustainable economy. 

Putting the pieces together

Triodos Bank is contributing to the climate change solution by investing in a fully sustainable energy system. Through our Socially Responsible Investment funds and Impact funds we exclusively invest in listed and non-listed companies that contribute to the necessary energy transition. We focus on reduction of energy demand, renewable energy systems and efficient energy consumption technologies. Our film Connecting It All Together shows our perspective – that we all – governments, companies, NGOs and individuals - need to work together to create the solution.

Investing in climate protection

We have concentrated on financing renewable energy since our inception. But as the need to address climate change becomes more urgent, our drive to financing and investing in climate protection is becoming even greater. Our Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) funds invest in companies that have clear programs and targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Around 7.5% of the portfolio of our Triodos Sustainable Equity Fund is invested in stock-listed companies that offer products and services related to renewable energy and energy efficiency. The portfolio of our Triodos Sustainable Pioneer Fund is for almost 32% made up of companies with products and services related to climate protection.

Key players

We invest in companies we consider to be at the forefront of renewable energy and climate protection, and who we consider to be key players in the new energy system. Investments in renewable energy technology include the Danish wind turbine installation company Vestas Wind Systems, and the Chinese solar panel and mounting systems manufacturer Trina Solar, which is a member of PV CYCLE, a European take-back and recycling scheme for solar panel waste management. We invest in First Solar and Sunpower, both US integrated solar power companies that not only manufacture solar panels, but also offer tailor made solar power systems and plants to residential, business, government and utility customers. The technology of some companies contributes to energy savings, e.g. the energy consumption management software that Opower provides, that gives customers insight in their daily energy use, whilst others combine sustainable energy generation and storage, such as Solar City.

Companies that support renewable energy production and that contribute to energy savings are key to extend the fight against climate change. As responsible investor, we demand from companies to employ climate protection strategies and hope to see more of them eligible for our funds through improved policy and performance.

Note: The issues explored in this article are relevant for sustainable investments on the stock market. Triodos Bank believes that our socially responsible investments are a powerful means of promoting our values and working for greater sustainability, while enabling us to offer a complete range of attractive investment options to customers who choose to invest on the stock market.