What do you envision?

Take a moment and think about what kind of world we could live in two decades from now. What does that world look like and how does technology play a role? Are there self-driving cars, smart houses, or mega-cities? And in this world that you imagine, where do we get the power to create this technology for an ever-creasing population?

It has become impossible to exclude energy from our vision of the future because of the urgency surrounding it. Energy does impact our climate and climate change is happening; and the biggest threat to quality of life across the globe is our inability to work together to reduce pollutive emissions and finance innovative technology. If we are to meet the challenge of climate change, there should be a synergistic approach between the public and private sectors.

On 30 November 2015, world leaders from over 190 nations plan to convene for the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) or the Paris Climate Summit. The goal is to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate change. However, it is not only up to the government to set the legal parameters and provide the right incentives, but also for the private sector to provide the necessary capital. Investing in a green economy is exciting as it creates jobs, stimulates innovation, brings parties together but most of all safeguards our planet for next generations.

As an investor, Triodos Bank takes up the role of a financial partner and advocate for innovative technology in the energy sector. With our 20 year track record, we build a solid business case for the role of renewable energy and our shared vision of tomorrow. We do this based on the belief that the way we invest today defines the world within which we want to live.

If we are to meet the challenge of climate change, there should be a synergistic approach between the public and private sectors.

Financing through the private sector

Fossil fuels are a major contributing factor to the current global climate crises and are negatively affecting our shared vision of the future. In order to make the switch to cleaner fuels, massive investment is required and a sound legal and political framework is often not enough. The negotiations in Paris will therefore also focus on the financial aspects because climate change needs a stronger financial response.

An estimated USD 5.7 trillion in investment until 2020 is needed to keep global warming limited to below two degrees Celsius; most of it will largely come from the private sector because we need stable and long-term investment.

Investing in our future

Triodos Bank considers energy to be a basic human need and therefore something that we need to ensure is being generated and used on a sustainable basis for future generations. We provide long-term financing to projects that augment the use of renewable resources and we support enterprises that reduce the demand for energy and promote energy efficiency.

By the end of 2014, Triodos Group and its climate and energy investment funds within Triodos Investment Management were financing 379 projects across Europe contributing to a generating capacity of 2,100 MW of energy or enough energy to meet the electricity needs of the equivalent of over one million European households during the year. Since 2014, our expertise and track record have expanded past Europe and into Emerging Markets as well.

Our investment portfolio is diverse and ranges from a solar arrays in Europe that power companies in the near proximity, reducing transport costs and increasing energy efficiency; to a sustainable neighbourhood able to generate its own electricity; and to Africa’s largest wind park in Kenya providing 17% of Kenya’s total energy consumption.

Lake Turkana Wind Power Project
Lake Turkana Wind Power Project

Whether through the installation of new renewable energy generation capacity or energy savings and efficiency measures, all of our projects make a meaningful contribution to a more resilient, sustainable and cleaner energy system.

The road to Paris

As the Paris Climate Summit draws nearer, several initiatives are circulating to raise awareness and urge governments and investors forward. One such initiative is the Train to Paris which will bring delegates from the private and public sectors by train to the Summit to raise awareness and stimulate ideas.

We are looking forward to being a passenger on that train as we are all in this journey together.

For an overview of our activities in energy and climate, please visit the Energy and Climate investment strategy page